New generations of disciple makers are being trained.


How we work

Multiplying Disciples

Our goal is to ignite disciple-making locally and globally by training believers who then train others in a simple and effective method of evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.  Our aim is to share tools with local believers that are straightforward and reproducible.  We do this in a variety of ways including community bible studies, leadership "huddles" and one-to-one discipleship.  Our desire is to see disciples being multiplied across networks and people groups.


Growing Christ's Church

Our ministry is carried out in the context of local churches.  The Bible teaches that Christ is the head of the church and we are his body. While we admittedly have a strong desire to see new churches planted, we are very clear that we do not exist to "compete" with existing churches.  We have worked hard to develop strong partnerships with local churches in Wales.  Ultimately we have been sent by the church to serve the church.  Our aim is to see Christ's church grow - whether by strengthening existing churches or planting new churches among unreached people.  Disciples are people who are committed to live to bring glory to God and that happens in the context of church.  


Providing Support and Resources to Other Missionaries

Jodie also serves as GEM-UK's Area Leader for Wales and northwest England.  In that role he helps other GEM-UK missionaries develop their ministry plans and provides support to help them succeed.  We take seriously our call to lead, develop, and care for the other missionaries in our area.   We also work to develop new partnerships, identify key areas of need for our field, and recruit new missionaries.


Ready to help?


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